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We are adding more and more historical and political reference material every day.


Let us know if we have forgotten any of your favorites!


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Correspondence and Papers
Additional Resources



A Discourse Upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind   (Project Gutenberg)


The Age of Reason    (


The American Crisis


The Art of War    (5th Century BC) 


The Athenian Constitution    (Project Gutenberg)


Candide    (Project Gutenberg)


Common Sense


The Communist Manifesto 


The Confessions of Jean Jacques Rousseau    (Project Gutenberg)


Considerations on Representative Government    (Project Gutenberg)


The Contest In America    (Project Gutenberg)


Democracy in America Volume I    (Project Gutenberg)


Democracy in America Volume II    (Project Gutenberg)


Émile; Or, Concerning Education; Extracts    (Project Gutenberg)


Essays on Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy    (Project Gutenberg)


The Ethics of Aristotle    (Project Gutenberg)


History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire    (Project Gutenberg)


Laws    (Project Gutenberg) 


Leviathan    (Project Gutenberg)


Mein Kampf    (


On Liberty    (Project Gutenberg)


Politics: A Treatise on Government


Principles of Political Economy    (Project Gutenberg)


Robert's Rules of Order    (


The Satires    (Project Gutenberg)


Second Treatise of Government    (Project Gutenberg)


The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right    (


Socialism    (Project Gutenberg)


The Spirit of Laws    (


Statesman    (Project Gutenberg)


Utilitarianism    (Project Gutenberg)


Utopia    (Project Gutenberg)


Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary    (Project Gutenberg)



Correspondence and Papers



The Anti-Federalist Papers    (Federalist Papers Project)


The Federalist Papers    (Federalist Papers Project)


Founding Fathers    (


Founding Fathers    (Online Library of Liberty)


Letters of Thomas Jefferson    (American History)






Articles of Capitulation 


Articles of Confederation


The Intolerable Acts


The U.S. Bill of Rights    


The U.S. Code


The U.S. Constitution


The U.S. Declaration of Independence



Additional Resources



American Rhetoric


British Political Speeches


British Texts    (Luminarium)


Female Political Speeches


Greek and Roman Texts    (Perseus Collection)


How Our Laws Are Made


The Legislative Process


The Library of Congress


The Library of Congress: Thomas


National Archives


The U.S. House of Representatives


The U.S. Senate


The U.S. Supreme Court


The White House



Uncle Tom's Cabin (Harriet Beecher Stowe)



Correspondence and Papers
The Satires
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