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Property Rights

Property Rights


Private property rights create the foundation of a free society. A crucial aspect of freedom itself is the right to the fruits of your own labor and the acquisition, possession, and transfer of property. Free people have the right to think freely, work freely, and to benefit from that industry freely. In order to maintain a free society, based on the Rule of Law, property rights must continue to be protected.


The creation of the Internet has allowed for the discovery of new public space, and through innovation, the platform of the internet has created a foundation that allows for building and creating within this new territory. In order to accommodate the development of this new form of private property, the definitions and laws regarding property need to be updated.


In addition, intellectual property is a crucial form of private property that is necessary to be protected in order for individuals and businesses to reap the full benefit of their labor. Protecting intellectual property is critical to encourage and support art, innovation, research, and development.



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