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The mission of The Modern Republic is to provide quality, non-partisan educational information to help develop, evaluate, and promote responsible public policy. 




The polarization of public policy is one of the most detrimental problems that Americans face in politics today.  Politics is the art of compromise, but the more polarized and partisan that policy beliefs become, the more difficult it becomes to reach those critical compromises that are necessary to pass reasonable legislation.


The increasing polarity of the political beliefs of elected officials, political leaders, organizations, and media has reached the point where it is decreasing the functionality of government and reliability of information.



Be the voice of reason not just the voice of opposition.

Pragmatic Solutions

Develop a pragmatic approach

to public policy.


Reduce polarization within the government and political parties. 


Influence policy decisions and legislation to reflect the

nation’s ideals.


Advocate for the achievement of political goals through pragmatic and moderate means.

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