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Adjourn Sine Die


Adjourn Without A Day

To adjourn sine die is to end a meeting without establishing a future meeting date to reconvene or to adjourn indefinitely. This is typically done at the last meeting of a series of meetings held within the year.




As the Virginia General Assembly had completed its legislative work for the year, Speaker Howell adjourned sine die. Speaker Howell is known for his sense of humor and a great love for Virginia. At the end of Session Speaker Howell pronounces “sine die” correctly and then repeats the phrase with a Virginia accent to great applause. Definition


An adjournment that terminates an annual session of Congress. A "sine die" ("without day") adjournment sets no day for reconvening, so that Congress will not meet again until the first day of the next session. Under the Constitution, adjournment sine die (except when the next session is about to convene) requires the agreement of both chambers, accomplished through adoption of a concurrent resolution, which in current practice also authorizes leaders of either chamber to reconvene its session if circumstances warrant.



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