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The term collectivism is used in two basic ways:


  • a doctrine that stipulates that a group of people and the group’s interests holds a higher value than an individual and should take precedence over the value and interests of an individual (see Individualism).

  • the theory or act of the people as a group or the state owning ownership of property and the means of production by people as a group or by the state (see Socialism and Communism) as opposed to private private ownership of property (see private property). A group of people, and/or the governing body which attempts to implement collectivism is sometimes referred to as "the collective."




It was inconvenient that Mark voted against the PTA’s resolution to support the School Board’s new plan.  Even though the PTA was aware that the new plan would be detrimental to Mark’s children’s best interests the PTA decided that it would be in the best interests of the majority of children and voted to support the School Board’s new plan anyway.


Nancy did not feel that the concept of private ownership was good for society as it allowed for inequality.  Some people would end up owning more property than others and that would not be fair.  She felt that all property should be owned by the government as the government would make fair decisions about its use.

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