The quality of the environment is important in both the short and the long term. It is essential to assess continuously the validity of various hypotheses based on scientific and technological data, to determine what is impacting the environment, to work actively to repair damage, and to develop practical environmental policies to prevent further damage. It is critical to adopt a credible, realistic, and balanced approach to the development and implementation of constructive, practical, and achievable regulations.

The scientific community continues to study the impact of human and other natural forces that affect the environment. Whenever new scientific and technological discoveries are made, the current approach to policy development should be re-evaluated in order to accommodate the evolving understanding of the environment, the potential changes that can be made, and the ability to absorb the cost of making those changes. Despite potential disagreements regarding terminology, theories, and concepts, national policy should reflect the responsibility to protect the environment, and to oversee the minimization or remediation of environmental damage.

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