Political Bell Curve

How Government Works


Table of Contents


The Legislative Process



The Legislative Process


How Our Laws Are Made


Enactment of a Law



Calendars and Schedules



Calendars and Schedules




Rules of the U.S. House of Representatives

Rules of the U.S. Senate


Roberts Rules of Order

Rules Online


Roberts Rules.org


Roberts Rules.com (Official)






Action Taken On Legislation By Date


Active Legislation

Congressional Votes

Appropriations and Budget




Coverage of Congress 




Senate Floor Webcast

House Committee Hearings and Meetings (Video)


House Hub on YouTube

Senate Hub on YouTube

Government Websites




U.S. House of Representatives




House Website

General Information

Rules of the U.S. House of Representatives


House Committee Hearings and Meetings (Video)

House Committees

House Hub on YouTube



U.S. Senate



Senate Website

General Information

Rules of the U.S. Senate

Senate Committees

Senate Hub on YouTube





Legislative Branch Websites





Government Resource Websites



Congressional Budget Office (CBO)


Cost Estimates


Congressional Research Services (CRS)



Areas of Research



Government Accountability Office (GAO)



Reports by Topic


Today's Reports



Government Publishing Office (GPO)


Federal Digital System



Federal Depository Libraries



Library of Congress (LOC)



Library Catalog



Law Library



Executive Branch



White House




Departments and Agencies


Presidential Actions



Legislation Sent From Congress To The President For His Action


Pending Legislation


Signed Legislation


Vetoed Legislation


President's Budget Proposals



Executive Orders



Codified Executive Orders








Statements and Releases

Press Briefings

Speeches and Remarks

Weekly Address

Presidential Documents


Joint Congressional and Executive Business



Nominations and Appointments


Nominations (Congress.gov)


Nominations and Appointments (WhiteHouse.gov)


Executive and Other Communications

Treaty Documents


Trade Agreements






Federal Statistics

US Census Bureau


Government Manual

Mobile Gov (Apps)

Learn About the Legislative Process



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