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Nation Defense and Foreign Policy Modern Republic

National Defense & Foreign Policy


The United States is the preeminent power in the world.  By the realpolitik of that position, it is the global leader. This leadership role is based primarily upon America's strength which has four aspects: military, cultural, moral, and economic. Withdrawing from a leadership role is not an option because America's actions or inaction always will affect the world. Presently, the nation is facing an environment defined by world affairs of increasing complexity. This complexity has been exacerbated by the current U.S. policy of attempted disengagement from a primary leadership role.


It must be recognized that America's "global strength" is a compendium of military, political, economic, and moral influence. Although military power, which requires a strong economy and citizen support, inevitably will be the basis of America's power, it is important to cultivate and be prepared to use all elements of national power.


Because the military is limited by law in its scope of actions within the U.S., it is important to build those institutions whose authority extends to threats within the U.S. and develop the interagency relationships which become “force multipliers." An essential part of American power is the expectation that the U.S. is willing to use military or other means to enforce its sovereign will. Hence, military or soft-power options must never be taken off the table prior to negotiations.


National Security is a condition in which the state and its citizens are free of, preserved, and protected from threat, both internal and external. The nature of security threats includes a wide spectrum of aspects and sources including existential threats, as well as threats to the economy, public health, the environment, energy sources, national and social infrastructure, natural resources (water, minerals, etc.), and many other important elements of American life.


The Foreign Policy of the U.S. contributes to peace, freedom, and stability around the world, as well as advancement and protection of the vital interests of the U.S.  It is imperative that Foreign Policy Strategy articulated and defended clearly and publicly, to clarify and support the decisions made, as well as provide U.S. allies, partners, and enemies with a clear understanding of America's goals, means, and will.

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