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The Scientific Method


The scientific method is a clear, logical, disciplined, and ongoing process for learning about something. There is not necessarily a beginning or an end to the process but there may be a beginning or an end for a specific project, and some steps may be repeated. The Scientific Method is basically an organized way to learn. The process is straightforward and although each person describes it differently, the substance of the process is always the same: observe, question, organize, hypothesize, predict, test, analyze, potentially retest and reanalyze, and then theorize. In order for the experiment to be considered credible, the processes and outcomes need to be repeatable. In other words, if the experiment cannot be repeated in the same way and with similar outcomes then the experiment and theory are not considered credible. It is important to keep in mind that even though the experiment and outcomes are repeatable that does not mean that one’s theory is true. There could be a myriad (many) factors that one has not thought of, studied, our understood properly.



Political Bell Curve
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