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Writing of the Declaration of Independence



Utopianism is the idealistic belief in the pursuit and achievability of the perfection of human society on earth thus creating a utopia. (see Socialism and Communism)



Samantha was skeptical of utopianism. She did not think that perfection was possible.  She was not sure that even given an unlimited amount of time that human beings were capable of achieving perfection. That would require every human being to naturally think and feel the same way about everything. If they did not all think exactly the same way naturally then feeling the need to or being forced to pretend to feel the same way as everyone else would be torturous.  She had never met anyone with whom she always agreed. If she were pressured or forced to agree with everyone else (see Hegelian Utopianism), particularly if she felt strongly about the issue or were concerned that they were wrong and that it would harm someone, then she knew that she would be miserable, and that did not sound like perfection to her.

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