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Working Repationships

Working Relationships


The working relationship between employers and employees is important to the success of a business and for the quality of life of all those involved. An employee is hired by an employer to accomplish specific tasks for a period of time. The employer and employee have obligations to each other and rights that must be protected.  


An employee has the right to accept or refuse employment from a specific employer, the right to negotiate the terms of employment, the right to earn a fair wage, the right to work in a safe environment, the right to be protected from abusive employers, and the obligation to properly complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.


An employer has the right to choose to hire an employee for a period of time, the right to require an employee to complete reasonable tasks in a timely manner, the obligation to provide a safe work environment for employees, and the obligation to provide a fair wage.


When the rights of one of the parties are infringed on or if obligations are not met, then the company, the employer, and the employees all suffer.  


Right to a Fair Wage


The “right to a fair wage” is the right of an employee to be paid a fair wage for the work that he or she was hired for and agreed to do.


Right to Hire and Fire


The “right to hire and fire” is the right of an employer to hire and fire employees based on the best interests of his or her business, as long as it is not based on discrimination or for any other legally prohibited reason.  


Right to Work


The “right to work” is the right of an employee to get or keep a job and to negotiate the terms of his or her employment, without being required to be, or become a member of, or pay dues to any union or organization.


Right to Strike


The “right to strike” is the right of an employee or employees to refuse to work in order to obtain an acceptable agreement regarding unfair labor practices with an employer. There are, however, limitations to the “right to strike” when striking could risk the health and safety of the general public.  


The Right to Organize


The “right to organize” is the right of employees to work together as a group to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by an abusive employer who fails to pay a fair wage, provide a safe and healthy work environment, or attempts to pressure employees to perform unreasonable, excessive or burdensome tasks.


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