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Political Bell Curve

The American Crisis


Author: Thomas Paine


From: The Writings of Thomas Paine, Volume I 

Collected and Edited By: Moncure Daniel Conway 

Date Range:  1774-1779


Audio available on YouTube

Editor's Preface


The Crisis I. These Are the Times That Try Men's Souls


The Crisis II. To Lord Howe


The Crisis III. In the Progress of Politics


The Crisis IV. Those Who Expect to Reap the Blessings of Freedom


The Crisis V. To Gen. Sir William Howe


The Crisis VI. To the Earl of Carlisle and General Clinton


The Crisis VII. To the People of England


The Crisis VIII. Address to the People of England


The Crisis IX. Had America Pursued Her Advantages


The Crisis X. On the King of England's Speech 


The Crisis XI. On the Present State of News 


The Crisis XII. To the Earls of Shelburne 


The Crisis XIII. Thoughts on the Peace, and Probable Advantages 


A Supernumerary Crisis: To the People of America



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