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The concept of freedom is defined in different ways according to different ideologies.


According to:


Americanism, Republicanism, Democratism, Classical Liberalism, Capitalism, etc.


Freedom is:


  • The power to think, act, communicate, or move according to individual (see individualism) self-determination.

  • The absence of subjugation or enslavement to a powerful, controlling, oppressive, restrictive, domineering, or tyrannical person, group, or government.




Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, Modern Liberalism, Hegelian Utopianism, etc.


Freedom is:


  • Choosing to conform with to the viewpoint (see Groupthink) and regulations of a controlled society for the purpose of achieving homogeneity (sameness) which will create peace.


Writing of the Declaration of Independence
Hegelian Freedom
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