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The U.S. Constitution


Final Version Written: Monday, September 17, 1787


Ratified: Saturday, June 21, 1788


First Amendment Added: Thursday, December 15, 1791


Most Recent Amendment Added: Thursday, May 7, 1992


The United States Constitution is essentially a legal contract among all U.S. citizens. It outlines how the government will function and some of the foundational rights of all citizens, based on natural law, that cannot be denied to any citizen.  Article V (5) describes the process for making changes to the Constitution.

The Constitution of the United States of America 


Preamble ("We the People") 


Article I (1) (Legislative Branch) 


Article II (2) (Executive Branch) 


Article III (3) (Judicial Branch)


Article IV (4) (State Government) 


Article V (5) (Amendment Process) 


Article VI (6) (Status of the Constitution) 


Article VII (7) (Ratification) 


Signers (Those Who Signed the Constitution) 


Amendments I-XXVII (1-27) 1791-1992


12 Proposed Amendments 1791


Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) 1791




Amendment I (1) (Rights of Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition of Grievances) 1791


Amendment II (2) (Right to Bear Arms) 1791


Amendment III (3) (Right to Deny Quartering of Soldiers) 1791


Amendment IV (4) (Right Not to be Subjected to Illegal Searches and Seizures) 1791


Amendment V (5) 


Amendment VI (6) 


Amendment VII (7) 


Amendment VIII (8) 


Amendment IX (9) 


Amendment X (10) 


Additional Amendments (Amendments 11-27) 1795-1992


Amendment XI (11) 


Amendment XII (12) 


Amendment XIII (13) 


Amendment XIV (14) 


Amendment XV (15) 


Amendment XVI (16) 


Amendment XVII (17) 


Amendment XVIII (18) 


Amendment XIX (19) 


Amendment XX (20) 


Amendment XXI (21) 


Amendment XXII (22) 


Amendment XXIII (23) 


Amendment XXIV (24) 


Amendment XXV (25) 


Amendment XXVI (26) 


Amendment XXVII (27) 


Note: Signers' Religions


US Constitution Page 1
US Constitution Page 2
US Constitution Page 3
US Constitution Page 4
Bill of Rights
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